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Published on June 04, 2014 by Charly Tate Once you’ve found the dream home, successfully negotiated and made it yours, there’s still plenty of work to be done. Moving can seem like a whole other big, not-so-pleasant project in itself. As a proud homeowner of your new place, you’ll fall into one of two categories: The folks packing up and moving to another neighborhood in town (maybe just down the road), or the folks relocating from out of state, sometimes across the country, maybe even across the ocean.
Should you rent or should you buy? That is the question. rent-vs-buy-smallGetting married. Having a new baby. Changing careers. There are a variety of reasons you might consider buying a home. Just make sure you weigh both options carefully.
Published on March 04, 2014 by Eleanor Mueller It’s rare to meet a Washingtonian who isn’t proud of where they come from – especially now, with the Seahawks recent Super Bowl victory. But there are many more reasons than football for this statewide pride. When it comes to natural beauty, recreation, and even weather, there’s no place like Washington, in the country or even the world. There are countless features in The Evergreen State that make it a wonderful place to live and visit, and here are seven of the best.
Published on February 06, 2014 by Jennifer Valente Short sales have become more and more popular the last several years. But what exactly is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure? Is a short sale financially risky, and is it worth buying one?

Published on October 17, 2013 by Jennifer Valente When it’s time for you to start looking to buy your new home, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the many costs associated with such an important purchase. In particular, you may feel confused as to how to hire a realtor, how your realtor will be compensated, and whether you can save on the commission. Let's face it, there is no manual explaining this process in a clear and definitive way! Here is some information to help clarify this confusing issue.
Let nature inspire your next centerpiece. These fall arrangements include gourds, flowers, fall leaves, nuts, and more to create gorgeous, fresh-from-outside tabletops that will brighten your day.
CBS News is reporting that the Government is relaxing mortgage down payment rules. The proposed new Qualified Residential Mortgage rule, released jointly by six government agencies, was cheered by both consumer advocates and mortgage industry members–who typically don’t see eye-to-eye on much–largely because it eliminates much stricter down payment rules that the previous version of QRM would have created.
First off, I love color. When we moved to the Seattle area I cringed looking at houses. They all had what my husband called “dead rat color schemes.” It didn’t make sense that in a climate that was grey a lot of the year, people also painted the inside of their homes grey. In our new home I wanted a color for every room, until I found out the cost! So the whole house was painted a very creamy yellow and I started to slowly but surely paint each room myself.
by ADMIN on JUNE 4, 2013 How to Pull A Room’s Look Together Like A Pro When you walk into a model home or a staged home, there is something about the rooms that feel like it is beautiful, inviting, or cozy. The room makes you feel something. But when you walk into your own home, you just feel like it’s scattered or messy. So how do professional designers pull the room’s look together?
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